What can Bowen Therapy help?

          A Bowen practitioner does not diagnose but treats the whole body to enable healing, as a result many additional problems may be resolved alongside the presenting complaint. The aim is to balance the whole person not just the symptoms.

Common presentations include;                                        

        Testimonials for many conditions including those above can be found on the BTPA  website              www.bowen-therapy.co/Bowen/btpa-about-bowen.asp            

            Practically any problem can potentially be addressed and some people use Bowen Therapy as a means of stress management and health maintenance, seeing their therapist regularly 2-4 times a year. Sports people also use regular treatments to help prevent injury as well as to treat them.

            Bowen has also been found to be supportive in pregnancy and following child birth. Many of the uncomfortable symptoms such as morning sickness and backache have responded well. This technique can be very adaptable in it's approach and the client can be treated sitting or standing as well as lying on a couch, the comfort of the client is paramount.

PLEASE NOTE we do not diagnose and Bowen Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any health concerns please consult your doctor or other suitably qualified medical professional for advice.

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